Withdrawing WMR funds via bank

To request and pay for a bank transfer, use the following instructions:

1 If you use WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) program, launch it and make sure it is in On-line mode. If you use WM Keeper WebPro (Light), it is not required to launch the program (navigate to

2 Navigate to the "WebMoney Banking" web-site and select "R-purses" menu option-> authorize via WM Keeper -> "Withdraw".

3 Select system representative, whom you entrust to make the transfer.

4 Fill in all transfer details and press the "Submit request for bank wire".

5 Read through and accept the appeared agreement by pressing the "I agree" button.

6 Pay the invoice issued by the system for transferring funds to the specified details.

7 After paying the invoice, you must navigate to the page specified in the address of payment delivery.

8 The bank wire will be made within one bank day by authorized by the system person, who was selected when generating the request. The time period for making a bank wire is from 1 to 5 bank days.

If there is a possibility to withdraw funds not to Sberbank but other bank, then withdraw funds to that bank. It would take less time (1-3 days).

Most banks provide current accounts for free. The usage of personal account is inconvenient as it is specified in the comments and there can appear a confusion with recipient details.

It is convenient to check arrival of funds to your account at the bank's web-site, by phone or automatically via sms — if there's such a choice, select a bank with similar services.

The most convenient way is the withdraw funds via ATM machine. Most banks charge 0% for this. The card costs from 5$ to 300 rubles per year, but the convenience is worth it.

Withdrawing WMR funds to a bank costs 0% (without taking into account system commission - 0.8%) while withdrawing via exchange agencies - 1%-4% depending on their location. And it is more difficult and expensive to withdraw WMR funds than WMZ, and there can be extra expenses when exchanging WMR -> WMZ. So, withdrawing WMR funds via a bank (and even WMZ exchanged into WMR) is more profitable than withdrawing them via exchange agencies.

For your inward peace, it is advised not to withdraw more than 29900 rubles in a single transaction more often one time in a month to one and the same bank. If your income is higher, you should create accounts with two or more banks.