WM purse

WM purse (or just a Purse) is an attribute registered under the WM identifier and used to keep a record of title units.

In WebMoney you can store title units in purses only. Every purse has a number and must be attached to a WMID. A WMID consists of 12 digits, but has a prefix denoting the funds it is intended for. E.g., Z238479008342, R034873236762, E9282374987384, U108374384782 can be numbers of purses used for WMZ, WMR, WME and WMU funds, respectively.

Every type of title units has its own purse type:

  • WMZ - a purse of Z type — funds equivalent to US dollars
  • WMR - a purse of R type — funds equivalent to Russian rubles
  • WME - a purse of E type — funds equivalent to euro
  • WMU - a purse of U type — funds equivalent to Ukrainian hryvnias
  • WMK - a purse of K type — funds equivalent to Kazakh tenge
  • WMB - a purse of B type — funds equivalent to Belarusian rubles
  • WMG - a purse of G type — funds equivalent to gold
  • WMX - a purse of X type — funds equivalent a 0.001 BTC
  • WMV - a purse of V type — equivalent to a Vietnam Dong.
  • WMH - a purse of H type — funds equivalent a 0.001 BCH
  • WML - - a purse of L type — funds equivalent a 0.001 LTC

There are also two special purse types:

  • WMD - a purse of D type — keeping record of provided credits
  • WMC - a purse of C type — my credit obligations

D and C type purses: you may create only one purse instance of either types.

To transfer funds you must specify a purse. You cannot transfer funds to identifier without specifying a purse number. Knowing the identifier enables you to send messages to the WMID holder by internal mail, issue invoices to them, send files, and perform other actions.