WMY is a WebMoney Transfer title unit equivalent to the Uzbekistan som.

WMY are used to denominate Y-type purses

The WMY Underwriter is
35 Glinka str. 700060 Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Central Post Office, P.O. Box 4297
Tel.: (8-371) 215-64-20, 150-42-11
Director General: B. A. Iminov
Official website

WMY turnover is governed by the Agreement with WMY System Underwriter

The maximum WebMoney Transfer fee for WMY transfer is equal to 50,000.00.

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Circulation of WMY title units have been suspended since March 05, 2010 due to elimination of «TILLO-GARANT Ltd». All WMY holders can exchange them to other title units via http://wmeng.exchanger.ru/asp/default.asp