WMSigner authentication module

XML-interfaces implemented in WebMoney Transfer system allow the user to work with various hardware and software platforms used by most internet servers and applications. The interfaces allow making various transactions in the system automatically with the help of software without man's participation. To use interfaces the user has to use a special module - WMSigner. This module generates digital signature for each transaction when calling an interface with the help of the key generated by the client during the registration process by using WM Keeper WinPro (Classic). The algorithm for generating signature unambiguously identifies WMID, on which behalf the transaction is made.

So, for example when it is necessary to issue an invoice to the client, the certification server of WMT system must receive the information about party details, amount and invoice purpose. Together with this information as a separate parameter the system transmits digital signature of all invoice parameters. System certification server, on having received a request, verifies whether the signature corresponds to the WM identifier (by means of public key of Wm identifier stored in the system) and establishes the fact that the invoice was issued by the owner of the file with keys.

Also transactions can be made on behalf of trusted WMID.

WMSigner module is distributed as: There also exist the following realizations of the module:

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