WM Keeper Mobile

WM Keeper Mobile is an application for managing WM-purses on mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones, communicators, pocket computers). The application is implemented in different variants, depending on your device:
  • Java-application (support of Java MIDP 2.0 is required)
  • Application for Windows Mobile devices
  • Application for iPhone
  • Application for Android
  • Application for Windows Phone


  • Simplicity - all actions are performed via display menu. Therefore there is no need to memorize any text commands in order to make transactions.
  • Inexpensiveness - to make a transfer, issue an invoice, accept funds, pay for mobile communication services you need to transmit short encrypted commands via a GPRS-connection.
  • Security - all commands are encrypted using triple DES algorithm.

Having connected their WM Keeper (Classic or Light), the user can ensure absolute mobility of payments.

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