VISA or MASTERCARD cards topup in RUB

VISA / MASTERCARD bank card top up in EUR
VISA / MASTERCARD bank card top up in USD

Fees and limits.

  • Сards topup in RUB is only available to residents of the Russian Federation;
  • Any bank VISA or MASTERCARD card top up available;
  • Your card account should be credited in 3 business days approximately;
  • Service fee: 2,5% top up amount + 40,00 RUB;

Topup amount limited by customer's Webmoney Passport level.

WebMoney Passport Topup Limits
Daily limit Month limit
Formal (verified) 35000 RUB 200000 RUB
Initial 35000 RUB 200000 RUB
Personal 35000 RUB 200000 RUB
Merchant, Developer, Registrator 35000 RUB 200000 RUB

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