Temporary suspension of a WMID with a Formal Passport

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In order to comply with the anti-money laundering and anti-financial fraud prevention laws and requirements a few restrictions were imposed upon users who have multiple accounts (WMIDs) with a Formal Status (Formal WebMoney Passport).
If the WebMoney monitoring service finds multiple WM identifiers with Formal Passports registered for one and the same individual (in the same person’s name) all these WMIDs will be temporarily suspended.

They will be reactivated provided one of the following conditions is satisfied:

} If a user has full access to all their WM-identifiers
In this case the user has to link all their WM-identifiers to one WebMoney Passport at This is a free of charge service.

} If a user has no access to all their WM-identifiers and they do not wish to (or cannot for any reason) restore it.
In this case the user has to receive an Initial or Personal Passport for one of their multiple WM-identifiers (they must have full access to this WMID).

This variant can be chosen by those users who have not received an Initial or Personal Passport before. Otherwise the user has to link all they WM-identifiers to the existing Initial (or Personal) passport.
Once one of the above mentioned conditions is satisfied, the user should send a request to reactivate their WM-identifiers to the WebMoney Arbitration Service to email: or WMID 937717494180. Make sure to mention the list of all WM-identifiers in the request.

The user will be notified via email and WM-Keeper messenger once the WM-identifiers are reactivated.
If you do not know the numbers of all your WM-identifiers with Formal Passports, please send a request to the Verification Centre to the e-mail: .