Registration procedure

Registration in the WebMoney Transfer system will take you only a few minutes if you carefully read all information messages on web site, and also observe several simple rules:

  • When registering in the system you should provide only VALID data about your personality.
  • The data you specify must strictly (letter for letter, word for word) correspond to your passport data. Specify your details either entirely in Russian or entirely in English.
  • Pay special attention to the Name and Family name fields. Do not abbreviate, do not transliterate your details, if there are no objective reasons for that. After the registration process finishes, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE any of the data in these fields.
  • In the event you have specified full and valid data but the syntax analyzer does not allow you to register in the system, then send a message via e-mail to , BE SURE to specify error message and your registration data in the message body:
  1. Family name
  2. Name
  3. Middle/Patronymic name
  4. Date of birth
  5. Country, City and Address of your residence
  6. E-mail
  7. Mobile phone number

Specify "Request for registration in WebMoney Transfer system. In care of Nikolai Dymov" as the subject of your message. Should you attach to the message a scan (electronic copy) of your passport or other document verifying your identity, your request will get the highest priority during the review process.

For more details see article Registration.