Preparations for using WebMoney Keeper WebPro on Mac OS X

In order to use WebMoney Keeper WebPro on Mac OS X (10.5.3 and higher), perform the following uncomplicated steps to prepare your computer.

In the parlance of Mac OS X, this is called creating "Certificate Preferences" in "Keychain Access" for addresses which are necessary for WebMoney Keeper WebPro to work properly:

What you need to do

  • Launch the "Keychain Access" application (/Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access)
  • Choose the "Certificates" category
  • For each of the addresses in the list below, do the following:
    • in the list of certificates, right-click on the entry with your WMID
    • in the menu that appears, select "New Certificate Preference..."
    • in the field labeled "Location or Email address", enter an address from those listed below
    • make sure that the certificate with your your WMID is selected
    • click "Add"

List of addresses