Linking an Ocean Bank card

Users of WebMoney Transfer who own a Visa Ocean Bank card (besides Electron cards) or MasterCard (besides Cirrus/Maestro cards) may link their card to their WM purse using the Account linking service.

Before linking your account, you must:

  • Receive a formal or higher WM Passport, and upload to the website for the Verification Center the following and wait for them to be verified by the specialists at the Center:
    • a copy of passport with residence registration,
    • taxpayer ID number (INN).
  • You can register your Ocean Bank card at the online payment terminal.

Then go to the Account linking service, login, and in the section "Link an account/card" choose Ocean Bank card.

Then go to the site for the online payment terminal through the "Continue" link.

At click "Enter".

Enter the login username and CAPTCHA code and click "Enter".

Input the one-time password sent by SMS and enter the system.

Select the section "Е-money".

Subsection "WebMoney. Withdraw to card".

In the upper portion of the menu, select "Register new contract".

Specify the number of your R purse, select the card and click "Next".

Confirm application submission by clicking "Next".

Copy the confirmation code in the "Client signature field" and use the provided link to go the site for the Account linking service.

At the website for the Account linking service, enter the confirmation code and the limit for adding (withdrawing) funds to/from the purse, of not more than 300,000 WMR (RUR). Then click "Confirm".

Wait for the card and purse to be linked.

You can immediately top up your R purse or withdraw funds from it to your card.

On the Account linking service site go to the section for "Your accounts/cards", and you will see that your Ocean Bank card is linked to your WM purse.

To transfer funds between the card and purse instantly, you will need to grant trust to the WMID belonging to the Account linking service to transfer funds (click "Grant trust" and follow the isntructions).

The linked card is displayed as a separate link in the list of purses in your Keeper.

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