How to create a ticket and send a ticket to the archive

You can send inquiries to the support teams of a number of WebMoney Transfer services. To open the support service page, go to and click the "For technical questions contact" link at the bottom of the page

or use the WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) menu: right-click the WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) program icon in the system tray, select "Help" and the "Send problem report" command.

Creating a ticket

To create a ticket you will need to log in to the technical support service - that is, log in to the site using your WMID.

If you are not yet a member of WebMoney Transfer or are experiencing problems with authorization, you need to follow the system's recommendation and get a unique number to your email address. This number is needed for logging in to the technical support service.

Once logged in select the system you are having problems with from a dropdown menu, select a reply notification method and click "Next".

Select the subject of your ticket, describe your problem and, if necessary, attach supporting files (for instance, a screenshot of an error) by clicking the "Browse" button. After that click "Send".

You will then get the following notification.

A notification about an operator's reply to your ticket will be sent to your WM Keeper or email address. To open it click the link you received.

If you enable email notifications when creating a ticket (as shown in the screenshot below),

do the following after clicking the "Continue" button:

1 In the new window specify the subject of your ticket, describe the problem, attach the necessary files and click "Browse". After that click "Send".

When you click "Send" the system will send a ticket with a link to the email address specified in the "Email" field. Use the link to register your inquiry. Otherwise your inquiry will not be considered.

2 Open your mailbox. You will find a ticket with your inquiry number and subject, as shown in the screenshot below:

3 Open the ticket and click the link in it to mark it for processing:

4 Once you click the link you will get the following notification:

5 After a technical support engineer replies to your ticket you will get an email with the following (or similar) content:

Open this ticket and click a link in it to see the reply (as shown in the screenshot):

If your problem was solved archive the topic according to the instruction below. If not, continue the discussion of this topic by filling out the "New ticket" field and clicking the "Send" button:

Archiving a ticket

If the problem is solved you should move the ticket to the archive. To do it, click "My tickets" - "close ticket" as shown in the screenshot:

Click the "Closed tickets" tab to view your message in the Technical Support service. You can restore your communication at any time by clicking the "extract from the archives" button.

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