Features of the WebMoney Keeper application for Apple iOS

WebMoney Keeper for Apple iOS is the application from the WM Keeper Standard (Mini) category adapted for mobile devices on the iOS platform. It is intended for participants of the WebMoney System who want to have a mobile purse.

The application is installed from App Store . Connection of the available purses or registration of new ones is possible at the first application launch.

The WebMoney Keeper application allows to operate the purses connected in WM Keeper Standard (Mini) including:

  • add purse funds from the linked bank card, from the mobile phone ((only Russian mobile operators) and the WM card (Paymer Сheck);
  • paying services (mobile communication, the Internet, online games, etc.) and creating templates of payments;
  • transferring funds to other participants of the WebMoney system;
  • withdraw WM on the bank accounts, purses of electronic payment systems;
  • attaching a bank card with the 3D-Secure technology to the purse;
  • instant transferring funds to the attached bank card and vice versa;
  • transferring WM to any bank card (recognition of number of the card via the camera or on the NFC technology is available);
  • issue and pay invoices;
  • buying digital items;
  • exchange WM for WM;
  • corresponding with participants of WebMoney;
  • borrow/lend WM a debt;
  • logging into the application and confirming operations with a PIN code, a pattern lock or the password;
  • carrying out video calls
  • get the formal passport without leaving the application;
  • loading a photo on the PhotoID service and scan copies of documents into the Verification Center.

The WebMoney Keeper application menu for Apple iOS has the following appearance:

and also includes sections:

Payments (Telepay)

The supportive WebMoney Keeper application menu for Apple iOS has the following appearance:

and also includes functions:

  • transferring (to transfer funds);
  • send invoices;
  • add funds (to top-up a purse);
  • withdraw (to withdraw funds from purse);
  • exchanging (to exchange funds);
  • video chat;
  • QR code scanner.

For a safe entrance to the application is used the PIN code, the Pattern lock or the Password.


All new events appear in the Inbox list: messages, operations, accounts, requests for addition in correspondents.

In the Inbox section, you can set the option to group events (or not and display in one list).


The section "Messages" contains the list of contact correspondents (the beginning of the text of the last proceeding or entering message on each correspondent is displayed). To see all correspondence story with contact, to create and send the new message is possible after choosing the correspondent.

You can also put photos made from the phone camera, images, files and audio recordings made instantly by the dictophone, insert smilies, send the coordinates or request a location of the correspondent in a chat window.

You can send invoice, send money or ask for a loan directly in the chat and also to mention correspondent in the conversation using the @ symbol. Start typing a name, and matching contacts will appear in the drop-down list.

New operations

In the "Operations" section is possible to see the list of the new entering and proceeding transactions and to look at operation details after choosing the operation from the list.


In the "Invoices" section is possible to see the list of the issue invoices received, but not paid yet, and after the choice of the account from the list – to pay it or to reject payment.


In the "Requests" section is possible to see the list of requests for authorization from other correspondents, and after a request choice – to authorize the correspondent or to refuse request for authorization.



The "Contacts" section provided: all contacts of the user in a notebook format, the list of the elite (allocated with a blue asterisk), and also phone contacts. There is a possibility of fast search of contact determination of which begins at the partial input of his name.
Having chosen the necessary contact makes possible to see more detailed information on it, and also to execute one of available functions through the menu: to send invoice, to transfer funds, to ask for loan, to send the message, to look at history of transactions, messages, to send a request for authorization, to adjust restrictions for acceptance of messages, payments, accounts from the chosen correspondent, and also to look at the restrictions set from it. Functions of a video chat and the secure voice call are also available.

Payments (Telepay)

The "Payments" section serves for fast payment of various services. Here provided the suppliers of the services which are most demanded at modern city dwellers grouped in types: mobile communication, Internet, television, etc. Transfer of funds for personal accounts of operators happens almost instantly and with the minimum commission.


The "Market" section allows you to search and purchase electronic products that are distributed through the trading platform Plati.ru. For the convenience of finding all the sellers grouped by type.



The "Profile" section allows the user to look at the personal information corresponding to registration of this application in the WebMoney system (WM Keeper Standard(Mini)): the used nickname, WMID number, passport type, registration e-mail, to replace an avatar and to load PhotoID or the photo of the document for the http://passport.wmtransfer.com service. And also the QR code presenting your encrypted data for an exchange with other correspondents .

In the section "My profile" displays a list of actions (tip) that need to be made to improve the status. If the profile avatar is not installed, you will be prompted to assign. In the case of the missing scan passport or photo PhotoId or upon detection of an unconfirmed postal addresses, participants can complete the profile directly in the mobile app without switching to other sites in the system. The owner get a manual if the passport is below formal.

For access to the "My Profile" section it is necessary to click click on the string with your own data in the navigation bar.

QR code scanner

The "QR Code Scanner" section activates the camera for automatic reading of a QR code on the mobile device. Thus it is possible to top-up your purse with funds from the Paymer check displayed in the form of a QR code on paper or on the screen of other mobile device. Function will extend also to other data types: automatic reading of a product code, enum-client, etc. The "QR Code Scanner" is launched by clicking of the appropriate button in a task bar.


The "Settings" section serves for establishment of necessary settings for your account, has the following appearance:

also includes the following items:

  • Account;
  • Security;
  • Allow taking;
  • Updating data;
  • Notifications;
  • Interface;
  • Linked accounts
  • About the program.

The "Account" item allows:

  • to remove authorization from this device (removes authorization from the device and deletes all local data);
  • to clear a cache data (to delete operations, the messages, etc. received for an operating time with the program);

The "Security" item allows:

  • to select access confirmation method (PIN, a pattern lock, the password);
  • to change PIN, a pattern lock, the password;
  • to set request of the PIN code (a pattern lock, the password) for the selected operations;
  • to set protection against password guessing;
  • to change the password for following cards.

The "Allow taking" item allows to establish permissions to acceptance of payments, accounts, messages from not authorized correspondents.

The "Updating data" item allows to include push-notifications, to establish frequency of data updating in case of various options of connection to the Internet to resolve updating of data in roaming, and also to adjust an interval of updating of a register of working hours (Checkin service).

The "Notifications" item allows to adjust notification type about new transactions, to choose a possibility of additional notifications, and also to adjust the Silent mode (shutdown of notifications in the set time interval).

The "User Interface" item allows:

  • to enable group contacts by the first letter in contact name;
  • to enable a vibration feedback when UI controls are tapped;
  • to enable playing sounds on new events.

The "About the Program" item shows the version and assembly of the program, the made changes in the application, and also copyright.


Completion of operation with the application.

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