Direct reception of payments via terminals and banks (Ukraine)

Enabling this option in the Merchant WebMoney purse settings (or in the Processing service purse settings) enables sellers to start collecting payments directly from customers who are not WebMoney Transfer users via terminals and banks in Ukraine. When this option is enabled, the customer DOES NOT NEED to go back to the seller's site after paying via a terminal/bank (as it happens with Webmoney Check payments) which is very convenient.

This payment method is available for the Ukraine only and can only be enabled for U-purses.

From the payer's standpoint

From the customer's (payer's) standpoint paying via a terminal or bank looks as follows:

  • When purchasing on a seller's site the buyer reaches the payment method selection stage, chooses WebMoney and is taken to the Merchant WebMoney site.
  • On the Merchant WebMoney site, the buyer selects "Payment terminals" as the payment method and is transferred to a new page to enter their phone number.
  • The buyer gets an SMS message with a special account number of the following format: U77777XXXXXXX, where ХХХХХХХ stands for numbers.
  • Once on a terminal/at a bank, the buyer selects WebMoney or tells the cashier that they'd like to add funds to a WebMoney purse. If Internet banking is used the buyer should select "WebMoney" as a service to be paid for.
  • Instead of a Webmoney purse number, the buyer specifies an account number in the U77777XXXXXX format that was received earlier in the text message.
  • The buyer pays for the order plus the terminal/bank commission. The commission amount differs depending on the selected payment method, so it is advised to add +7% extra to the order amount to ensure a smooth transaction.
    If the amount you deposited turns out to be higher than the order total plus the terminal/bank commission, the change will be returned to a WebMoney Check that you can use to make other purchases.
    If, however, the deposit is not enough to pay for the order, the user will get an SMS notification specifying how much more they need to deposit to the same account number - U77777XXXXXXX.

From the seller's perspective

For sellers, the process of receiving such payments looks exactly the same as the regular process of collecting payments from WebMoney purses, except for a few noteworthy differences described below.

  • It is recommended that the seller features this payment method as a separate link or menu item on their site and calls it something like "Payment via terminal or bank".
    The payer in this case can be redirected to the Merchant WebMoney website that will open with this payment method preselected. This is done by passing the LMI_ALLOW_SDP parameter containing "8" in the payment request form. If it is done payers who are redirected to the payment page can proceed to payment immediately skipping the payment method selection step. An example of how it may look
  • When using this method in the "preliminary request form" and "payment notification form", the seller will have to pass all standard Web Merchant Interface parameters and the LMI_SDP_TYPE=8 parameter.
  • All payment notifications and data formats remain the same, as stipulated in the Web Merchant Interface, so they are the same as the ones used for payments collected from WebMoney purses. However, when this option is enabled, payments to the seller's purse ALWAYS come from a "service" purse U329791423310 (LMI_PAYER_PURSE parameter), WMID 361737094212 (LMI_PAYER_WM parameter).
  • This method can only be used for orders with prices set in grivnas (WMU). Payments are sent to the U-purse of the seller. Payment can only be made via Ukrainian payment terminals (any), banks and online banking services of certain banks. In all cases the seller gets the exact number of WMU's to their purse. The payment notification form is sent along with a WMU money transfer to the seller's purse almost instantly after the buyer completes the payment via a terminal/bank (some terminal networks have a delay of up to 3 hours).
  • Note that there may be a considerable delay between the payment request and the moment of payment.
  • In case this option is enabled in the settings the "preliminary request form" is sent twice:
    - the first time - at the moment the payer clicks the "Pay via a terminal in Ukraine" button in the Merchant WebMoney interface;
    - the second time - a few minutes before the payment when the buyer has entered the received account number (U77777XXXXXXX) in a terminal/bank.
  • Terminal and bank fees are always paid by the customer/buyer.