Configuring Internet Explorer

1 Install the WebMoney Transfer root certificate.

2 Configure the general security settings. In the browser options select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu. In the window which appears switch to the "Advanced" tab and select (or clear depending on their status) in the "Security" section the following check boxes:

Scroll down the parameters window and enable phishing filter (select the Turn on automatic website checking option button). After this click the "Apply" button.

3 Select the security level for websites. To do so in the "Internet Options" window switch to the "Security" tab. Then select "Internet" zone and set the "Security level for this zone" to one of the following values:

  • "High" - blocks any active content in the browser (ActiveX, Java, Flash) except HTML and ensures maximal security of Internet surfing.
  • "Medium-high" - prompts the user before downloading potentially unsafe content. This security level is recommended for advanced users.

To save the selected parameters press the "Apply" button.

4 Create a list of trusted websites. For full access to trusted internet resources you need to remove the restrictions on Active content loading which you have configured in the previous step. On the "Security" tab of the "Internet Options" select the Trusted sites zone.

and click the "Sites" button. In the window which appears clear the check box next to the field "Require server authentication (https:) for all sites in this zone_ and add it to the list of trusted sites - the sites you use every day and which you trust.

If you plan to actively use WebMoney Transfer then you need add to the list mentioned above the following sites:

http://*.webmoney.ru/ https://*.webmoney.ru/
http://*.wmtransfer.com/ https://*.wmtransfer.com/
http://*.oplata.info/ https://*.oplata.info/
http://*.paymer.com/ https://*.paymer.com/
http://*.telepat.ru/ https://*.telepat.ru/
http://*.exchanger.ru/ https://*.exchanger.ru/
http://*.megastock.ru/ https://*.megastock.ru/
http://*.wmkeeper.com/ https://*.wmkeeper.com/
http://*.megastock.com/ https://*.megastock.com
https://*.wmcert.com/ http://*.publicant.ru
http://*.softactivation.com https://*.softactivation.com
http://*.enum.ru https://*.enum.ru
http://*.capitaller.ru/ https://*.capitaller.ru/

Keep in mind that if anything does not work on any site that you need, just add this site to the list of "Trusted sites". To do this quickly just double-click the icon of security parameters in the browser's status line:

5 Select the security level for the trusted sites. In the final step you need to grant all sites from the "Trusted sites" list the rights to work with different technologies like ActiveX, Java, etc. To do this on the same "Security" tab select "Trusted sites" zone and set the "Security level for this zone" to the "Medium" or "Medium-low". In the last case the majority on content of trusted sites will be run without prompts.

6 Install the WebMoney Advisor application to the browser. It will inform you about quality of sites belonging to the WebMoney community of internet resources. To do so, download the application and install it.