Adding WMZ funds by a bank transfer

To add funds, you should do the following:

  1. If you use WM Keeper WinPro (Classic), start the software. If you use WM Keeper WebPro (Light), you do not need to start the software (go to
  2. Go to, choose the required purse type (WMZ), and click “Incoming payments” -> “Add funds”. This method is only available for holders of the Personal Passport and for amounts higher than 10,000 WMZ. To load an amount lower than 10,000 WMZ you need to have a Formal Passport with your personal details verified, an application can be submitted via the WebMoney Top-Up Service.
  3. Log into the site by clicking “Yes” in the identification request (for WM Keeper WinPro) or specifying the certificate (for WM Keeper WebPro).
  4. Choose the purse you want to add funds to, enter the amount you are going to add and click “Apply”.
  5. Read, print out and accept the provided Agreement by clicking “Accept”.
  6. Send the Agreement on Adding Funds that you have printed out and signed to fax No +(44) 203 006 8677. After that, the Financial Support Team (WM ID 749238964258) will contact you by internal mail to inform you of the details required for adding funds to your purse.
  7. Print the payment details you were provided and transfer the funds by a bank wire.

Strictly follow the rules of filling in the information and do not change any wordings specified in the details.