Adding WMR funds by bank transfer

To add funds to your WMR purse, perform the following steps: 1 If you use the WM Keeper WinPro program, launch it. If you use WM Keeper WebPro, go to the site at (launching a program is not necessary).

2 Go to the site, and after selecting the WMR purse in the menu, press on the link "Incoming payments" -> "Add funds to purse."

3 Undergo authorization on the site by pressing "Yes" to the identification request (for WM Keeper WinPro) or by specifying your certificate (for WM Keeper WebPro).

4 Choose the purse which can be topped up, enter the necessary sum and the bank through which you want to add funds to your WMR purse, and press "Place order."

5 Read, print out and accept the agreement shown by pressing on the button "I agree."

6 On the following page you will see the bank details for completing the transfer.

7 Print out the bank information that you received for payment and send the money by money order.

Be sure to strictly observe the rules for filling out the transfer and do not change the wording given in the bank details.